Monday, February 6, 2012

Social Media

I came across this picture someone posted on facebook about an hour after we left class today and it just reminded me of some of the topics that were discussed in class. I think this picture is just a funny way to briefly sum up how people use the social media that is so popular with our culture.

In class we discussed how we can use these different sites in the classroom. I think it is important to be aware and knowledgable about the things that our students use on a daily basis. In Kara's presentation about facebook and really taking a look at what is on your profile, I was blown away by the fact that people spend almost eight hours A DAY on these websites. I have never given much thought to how much time I spend on these sites because they have become so ingrained into this generation's everyday culture. This statistic was especially significant considering that I eventually do want to become a teacher, and I think an important aspect of being a teacher is your ability to relate and connect to these students. I think incorporating websites like facebook or twitter in the classroom can give them a way to feel comfortable, not only with the teacher, but also in participating in an activity that they know so well and obviously enjoy.


  1. I, too, saw this on facebook. I love the succinctness of this.

  2. I was also very surprised to hear that our students will likely spend 8 hours a day social networking on average. Although this is astounding, figuring that that is as long as the typical work day, I might actually have spent close to that amount on some days as well, particularly when I was in high school. I also think this average time is becoming more prevalent with the increase in smart phone usage which allow access to social networking sites through the simple click of an app. Now, we can access social sites through our phones allowing us to multi-task like never before. It's crazy to think about how much has changed in just the last few years!

  3. This is SO true! Made me laugh and a littler nervous with how much time people spend on the internet (as I sit here on the internet) Oh, irony.