Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The teachers that give us all a bad name.

I came across this article and video on facebook tonight, and it just made me really disappointed and disgusted that there are even people in the world like this, let alone the people that you entrust with the safety and well being of young children. It's sad that people like this are out there and even more sad that after this incident, they are allowed to still be teaching young children. As a teacher and role model to children, it makes me sick that someone would take advantage of that and not try to live up to these high expectations, not only to any child in the classroom but especially in a classroom full of children who have disabilities. Becoming a teacher, to me, gives me the chance to make a difference in someone else's life, for the better not worse. It's about helping children reach their full potential, not causing them pain or humiliation, especially when they are not in the place to get help from anyone. Overall this whole thing made me so sad for this little boy. Luckily he has a father who loves him and pays attention to what is going on, but it just makes me wonder what happens to the kids who don't?

The website to the article:


  1. Wow. This just makes me so angry yet happy at the same time. I hate that some teacher bullied an innocent child. No child deserves that from a teacher. But this father makes me happy and proud for what he did. I hope he shows his son this and his son feels the warmth and love. It is amazing on so many emotions, and I hope that teacher confesses soon so no child will ever have to endure that again.

  2. I can't believe there are teachers out there like this. I don't understand why people like are teachers. The conversations were completely inappropriate. Its terrible because ifthis happened in a standad classroom, a teacher would know that a student might say something. In a special education class, a student might not say anything and if they did, it might not be as reliable. It so upstting that teachers get away with this stuff and give teachers such a bad name. I'm glad the dad stood up for his chid and how he handled this situation